Carpet Cleaning Gallery


 Below are just some of the examples of the work carried out by Swansea Carpet Cleaning.

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Carpet Cleaning (Before & After)


 Coffee staining on a wool carpetCoffee stains 16 -  Coffee stains all gone :DCoffee Stains After 16 - swanseacarpetcleaning
 Stains on a bedroom carpetStaining in a Bedroom -  After treatment by us - Swansea Carpet CleaningStain all gone -
 Heavily soiled stairs with grease from a near by kitchen in a commercial job.Stairs Before 16 -  All cleaned up and dry in under 2 hoursStairs After 16 -

Soiled carpet and side of bed before treatment by Swansea Carpet Cleaning



Soiled carpet and side of bed after treatment by Swansea Carpet Cleaning


Heavy blood stains from a pet

Gallery 1


After extensive stain treatment

Gallery 2

Oil & Grease on a long pile, wool carpet

Gallery 3


After Treatment

Gallery 4

Various stains of paint, oil, dirt, juice and more

Dirty Carpet Before 1


After Treatment 

Dirty Carpet After 1

Heavy soil



After Treatment


Paint Stains

Dirty Carpet Before 3


After Treatment

Dirty Carpet After 3

Oil paint on a wool carpet

Dirty Carpet Before 4


Full Removal of the paint

Dirty Carpet After 4

More oil paint at the same property

Ink on stairs -swanseacarpetcleaning/


Again full removal

Ink Stains Removed - swanseacarpetcleaning/

Spilt juice & sauce on wool

Stained Carpet Before -


After Treatment

Cleaned wool carpet -

Heavy Soiling on a stairs

Soiled Stair Carpet -


After Cleaning

Cleaned stair carpet -

Stains from a childs accident

 Carpet Cleaning -

After teatment by Swansea Carpet Cleaning 

Carpet Cleaning Photots Jan 2014 020

Blood spill on wool.

Blood spill - swanseacarpetcleaning/

After treatment by Swansea Carpet Cleaning

Treated blood spill-swanseacarpetcleaning/ 

Unkown stain on a wool carpet

 Staining on wool carpet-swanseacarpetcleaning/

Removed stain after treatment 

Staining removed - swanseacarpetcleaning/

Coffe staining on a wool carpet

 Coffee Stain on Wool Carpet -

Coffee stain removed 

Coffee Stain Gone -

Commercial Carpet Cleaning - Soil and Gum

 Office Carpet Cleaning -

Commercail Carpet Cleaning after treatment and cleaning

 Cleaned Office Carpets -

Soiled carpet in domestic property

Soiled Domestic

After cleaning by Swansea Carpet Cleaning

Cleaned Carpet by Swansea Carpet

An office carpet midway through cleaning

Office Carpet-Swansea Carpet Cleaning

Rug midway through cleaning

Rug - Swansea Carpet Cleaning