Stone/Hard Floor Cleaning Gallery

Stone Floor Gallery
Here are some photos of various hard floors cleaned and sealed by Swansea Carpet Cleaning, this is a specialised job but has amazing results.
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 Slate floor cleaned ready for sealing

Slate Floor 16 -

 Slate all sealed with a penetrating & colour enhancing sealerSlate Floor 16A -
 Marble floor before cleaning & polishingMarble before polishing -  Naturaly polished by diamond padsMarble after diamond polishing -

 Travertine floor before polishing

Travertine Floor 16 -

 Travertine naturaly polsihed with NO coatings of sealer/wax etcTravertine Floor 16A -
 Saftey flooring at a childrens nurseySafety Flooring -  Floor all cleaned and sanitisedSafety Flooring 16 - swanseacarpetcleaning

Rust and other staining on a stone floor.

Rust on Stone

After Cleaning

Rust on Stone

Kitchen stone floor with a build up of grease and dirt

Stone Floor

 Result after treatment

Stone Floor

 100+ year old Victorian floor

100+ Year Old Victorian

 Same Victorian tiles cleaned & sealed

100+ Year Old Victorian

 A slate floor in a toilet before cleaning.

Hard Floor-Slate before Sealing

 Slate floor cleaned and sealed.

Hard Floor Cleaning Photos 003

 Slate floor in a kitchen

Slate cleaning before 2

 Same floor after cleaning and sealed for a shine finish

Slate Cleaning/Sealing 2 -Swansea Carpet Cleaning

 A porcelain floor with ground in soil & grease

Anti slip porcelain-Swansea Carpet Cleaning

 Fresh and sparkling after treatment

Anti Slip Porcelain After

 Build up of dirt on a stbone floor

Swansea Hard Floor Cleaning

 After specialist cleaning

Swansea Hard Floor Cleaning

Slate with various soils/spill and grout haze.

Slate Clean/Seal-Swansea Carpet Cleaning

Slate Cleaned and Sealed.

Slate sealed by Swansea Carpet Cleaning

A commercial Vinyl floor which had a build up soil and previous cleaning solutions. Photo is of mid-clean.


Slate floor before cleaning.


Slate floor after cleaning and sealed with an enhancer seal.

slate floor

Victorian floor (Entrance) 120+ years old - Before work

Victorian floor - Before - Swansea Carpet Cleaning

Same victorian floor - After cleaning with sealer applied

Victorian Floor - After- Swansea Carpet Cleaning

Sandstone tiles after cleaning and sealing by Swansea Carpet Cleaning

Sandstone Tiles - Swansea Carpet Cleaning

Limestone floor before cleaning

Limestone floor Before

After cleaning by us

Limestone floor after